Functional Art based in Venice

Active in the collectible design proposal, Vetralia is a meeting place for creatives, whose wish is to combine contemporary artistic forms with the multiple Venetian craftsmanship skills, expression of a culture of excellence that has its roots in the Renaissance workshop.
Vetralia wants to demonstrate how artistic interpretation, full of cultural inclusive as well as different values, can become an object of design created through the incredible - often hidden - centuries-old skills of Venetian high manufacturing.
Vetralia's research consists in discovering, producing and promoting functional works of art capable of arousing a response in the end user both, in emotional and intellectual terms; pieces capable of expressing an innovative vision of the world, but made through processes originating from tradition. The result of this research is the creation of unique artefacts, capable of confirming the rewarding influence between the productive spirit of a place and an international creative vision; objects that are aimed at a clientele capable of appreciating a profound design notion, expressed through unattainable manual skills.

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  1. The objects are not interesting in themselves, but they are so, according to the degree of stimulus they offer to the end user. The greater the force with which they compel us to reflect on why they were conceived and how they were made, the greater their value.
  2. The conception, production and marketing of the pieces we propose wants to be a vehicle and stimulus to purvey the values of justice, inclusiveness, respect for the environment and culture; first and foremost in the community where the product is made.  
  3. The pieces we propose must nevertheless have a practical function as design objects; the reason is that we believe it is essential to be able to live the piece "physically" (touching it, smelling it, consuming it) and not using it exclusively as an object to contemplate.
  4. Through Vetralia’s activities we want to defend and promote the artistic traditions used for the manufacturing of produced objects.
  5. Respect for the handcrafting skills used in the creation of Vetralia pieces does not mean aversion to technological evolution; these skills will always be pushed to approach the contemporary world and to grasp in it ideas for an evolution of the tradition itself.
  6. Vetralia's role as a “place of doing” is to offer new artists and designers the opportunity to find an instrument capable of expressing their thoughts; putting them in contact with skills and technologies that can stimulate them in the creation of innovative pieces.
  7. The role of Vetralia as a “place of display” is to offer our clients unique and irreproducible objects capable of satisfying the desire for culture and discovery, that in the same way, pervades us.