Elisa Facchinetti

Portratit of the artist

Elisa Facchinetti was born in Brescia in 1984, she studied at the Cattolica University with a focus on Art and Design. She was involved with creativity, communication and experimentation.
She fell in love with the creative process on canvas and later with the tactile nature of sculpture. She loves incorporating many disciplines and tools: Elisa focuses on the relationship between her hands and the material.
She took a course in London in 2019 to learn how to blow glass and make Neon artworks, falling in love with light. She later learned about the history and origin of the elements and completed her training by incorporating skills on noble gases. She developed her first pieces thanks to a very important figure in her training, Sandro Fioroni, one of the most renowned glassblowers and technicians of neon elements. She found her own consciousness through the universe of possible applications, in the culture and myth associated with light.
On her journey, she combines a personal narrative, guided by the creative process applied to the craftsmanship of execution.


Pieces by this Designer