Udrian mirror
Detail of Udrian mirror
Udrian mirrors
Picture taken at Murano event


€ 12.000
Year of Production
Production Run
W. 64,5 cm - H. 122 cm | W. 25 3/8 in - H. 48 in
Engraved golden mirror, golden leaf coated wood

The first Udrian's divinity, part of the Totem collection.
Ando is the Lord of burnt out bulb. Ensures the smooth performance of electric power, even when the oven and washing machine work simultaneously.

In the Udruko sea, near the Bombago archipelago, lies the mysterious Udru island, which gave name to the civilization that developed here.
Although only some information has been gathered, it is commonly known that the Udruians were peaceful fishermen devoted to the worship of many ancestral divinities, as well as tireless TV viewers of the worst Brazilian soap-operas.
The four most popular mythological divinities for the Udruian are known as Indo, Undo, Ando, Endo. As far as we know, they are the guardians of hearth and home; each of them protect and support a specific domestic duty. They are the direct descendants of two main deities at the top of the Udruian religious hierarchy, called Dough-Nut and Crois-Sant.

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