Tal Waldman

Tal Waldman portrait

Trained in architecture (DPLG) and Fine Arts, Tal Waldman is a interdisciplinary artist and designer whose work is inspired by various cultures encountered during her stays in Israel, India, Germany, Greece and Paris, where she currently lives.
She divides her time between creation, research and publishing. Architect, designer, artist, she works in a transdisciplinary way using different mediums, sculpture, photography & installation but her common thread remains drawing.
Her focus on experimentation and research, as well as her fascination with ancestral know-how has led her to integrate traditional know-how in her art projects, such is the new collaboration with Vetralia-collectible. Tal explores inner landscapes, uprooting, identity and collective memory, but also social subjects rooted in an environmental perspective both physically and spiritually.
Her work is regularly presented in various museums and galleries and she was rewarded on multiple occasions.
Upcoming are, a retrospective exhibition of her artwork using glass and new craft in the Stained-glass Museum of Troyesas well as a publication of the book “Visualizing the Invisible” summing up two years of collaborative research.

Pieces by this Designer